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Amazing Deals!

At Thromby we have got THE most amazing special offers
that you will find are impossible to resist. Really.

  • Two-Seat Comfort June 25, 2014 For our more “generously-built” guests we have a range of options available to enhance your comfort…   Thromby Air – Big Deal!
  • Sparkling Whine January 23, 2014 At Thromby Air we treat our First Class passengers to nothing but the best… … Available Onboard.
  • Seat Meat February 9, 2012 Our Social Media Department recently came up with a plan to allow seat selection based on Internet Dating principles, including the use of a brilliant new hashtag… Thromby Air – Going Dutch (other airlines will probably handle it better than us!)
  • Beware The Clauses! December 12, 2011 Been good this year?  Reward yourself with a flight on Thromby Air! Thromby Air – Our Clauses Are Mostly Harmless Don’t forget Thromby’s Unlimited* Free Drinks deal this Christmas!!!
  • Premium Lifejacket September 2, 2011 Want to be the first one rescued if we ditch in the sea?  Sick of wearing the same old lifejacket every time you crash?  Stand out amongst the crowd with Thromby’s new Premium Lifejacket.  It’s a floater! Thromby Air: Isn’t Your Life Worth A Premium?
  • TV Advertising August 14, 2011 At three in the morning, when you are sleepless and vulnerable, Thromby will be there for you… Thromby Air – Shipping and Handling Extra*
  • Frequent Flyer Program April 14, 2011 Do your friends and colleagues go on about how many frequent flyer points they have? Now you can have your turn… Earn an infinite number of zero value points with Thromby Air and be a “points gazillionaire!” Thromby Air – Zeroing in on Loyalty
  • Fuel Surcharge March 17, 2011 Many of our competitors are now adding fuel surcharges, but we believe in giving you a choice… Thromby Air – Squeezing The Juice
  • “A La Carte” Fancy-Pants Pricing December 11, 2010 Same ‘ol charges, Right from the start, But to make it sound flash it’s called “A La Carte!” PRICE CODE KEY: arm, leg, kidney, first born, soul. Thromby Air – We’ll Treat You Escargot
  • Business Class December 7, 2010 Thromby Air is pleased to announce premium seating for our Business Class travellers.* * In our Lounge only. If you want a better seat on the plane you’d better pay for advance boarding, along with the ASSOLS. Thromby Air – Taking Care of Business
  • Kid Friendly October 14, 2010 Some airlines will not allow children to travel without their parents. Others treat “Young Persons Travelling Alone” as royalty, treating them with respect and care, entertaining them and delivering them safely and happily to their destination. At Thromby Air we are also happy to entertain your children, even after their flight has arrived.* * Please advise if ...
  • Assured Seat Selection & Overhead Luggage Space (ASSOLS) September 29, 2010 Are you one of those people who just HAVE to get on board first to get the best seat on the plane. Do you push and shove so that YOU get to be the one who fills the overhead luggage bins, leaving no room for the other passengers’ belongings? If so, our new “Assured Seat Selection ...
  • Clear Upfront Pricing September 24, 2010 Some people have complained that our surcharge policies are not entirely clear. Rest assured, all of our charges follow long-established scientific principles. However, in response to these complaints we are pleased to announce our new “Clear Upfront Price” option (CUP-CHOICE). Thromby Air… Taking you for a ride at a price WE can understand!
  • Thromby Package Holidays September 6, 2010 Thromby Air is pleased to announce our new all inclusive* package holidays. *  packages provided on a twin-share basis. Single occupancy surcharge will apply.
  • Unlimited* Free Drinks August 4, 2010 When you fly Thromby Air your drinks are unlimited* and FREE OF CHARGE.** * while stocks last. **Other SLAPs may*** apply. These include a $75.00 toilet usage fee. An $85.00 seat befoulment surcharge will automatically be applied if so indicated by our patented “Passenger In-Seat Secretion” (PISS) detector system. *** will
  • We’ll Pay You To Fly* August 2, 2010 Those other airlines advertise ridiculous prices, some even charging $0 for a basic ticket. At Thromby we’re going one better… * or less. Airport charges, taxes and other SLAPs apply.