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High Density Seating Plan

Thromby Air CEO Robert E. Coli recently discussed an inconvenient truth about humans and air travel: "There is a fundamental limit to the number of passengers we can squeeze into an aircraft cabin, and it is caused by the length of your femur. Seat pitch can only be reduced so far because your annoying thighbone is long and does not bend easily. "The more passengers we can cram into our planes the better*, so solutions need to be found. Some of our competitors are sniffing around the idea of making passengers stand up, but we don't think the safety-wowsers are going to go for it. So we searched, and found a better way." * for us
When questioned further about this new solution, Mr Coli said, "We were inspired by one of the greatest games of the computer age. It is so obvious that I can't understand why every airline isn't doing it. Here, let me show you our design blue-print..."
Inspired by the game Tetris, our high density, minimum seat pitch plan really packs those passengers in.

Thromby high density seating blueprint

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Tetris Hangin' Upside Down Seating (THUDS)

Thromby Air's new THUDS passenger seating system maximizes aircraft capacity and shareholder comfort.