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Complaints & Refunds

Talk to the Hand!

At Thromby Air we understand that you don’t always see our point of view, and we take your concerns seriously.

Please tell the hand what is troubling you, using a clear voice and words of no more than two syllables, and our Customer Service professional will assist you immediately.

  • Breathing Tax July 14, 2014 Yes, you’ve all got to pay the Breathing Tax… because it is more about smell reduction than air usage… Thromby Air – Taking You to the Owe-Zone Do you think Thromby Air invented the Airport Breathing Tax? No! Check out this BBC story about Venezuela’s Caracas International Airport and the $20 “clean air tax” they ...
  • Thromby Goes Nice! June 29, 2014 We have listened to your opinions and it seems that some of you think we could be nicer. Thankyou for this valuable feedback… we will do our best. Thromby Air – Nice Enough.
  • The Riot Act January 24, 2014 Sometimes, when passengers have not fully understood the terms of their travel contract, they get angry, express their innermost thoughts, and pillage our aircraft. Unless you have paid the upfront “pillage surcharge” this behaviour is unacceptable. Thromby Air – Be Righteous, Not Riotous! Thromby is not the only airline with such problems, as this recent
  • Lost Baggage Blues July 30, 2011 Sometimes disgruntled passengers feel better after putting their woes to music. We don’t mind… no matter how bad the song, any publicity is good publicity. ┬áKnock yourself out, Elvis! Thromby Air – Nothing To Sing About Some examples of real-world disgruntled passengers that have written songs about their airline experiences: Dale Watson and Dave Carroll.(1, 2 & ...
  • Airport Automation March 27, 2011 At Thromby Air we are introducing the latest passenger servicing technology, starting with a simple-to-use kiosk machine to handle your most pressing need. ┬áTalk to the Hand… if it makes you feel better. Thromby Air -Just Because We Are Not Listening Does Not Mean We Don’t Care
  • Seat Pitch February 22, 2011 “Seat pitch” is the particular tone people use when complaining about how close together the seats are on a Thromby aircraft. Thromby Air – In Harmony With Shareholder Profits
  • Yes, We Do Give Refunds* November 29, 2010 Occasionally we do provide what could be viewed as a refund… * Your “refund” may be a credit voucher providing a discount on your next Thromby ticket. SLAPs will still apply. Thromby Air – Putting the “Fun” back in “Refund”
  • Refund Department November 9, 2010 At times you may believe that we should pay you a refund. You would be wrong. Thromby Compassion Air