Scent Marketing

Robert E. Coli - CEO of Thromby AirCEO Robert E. Coli discusses Thromby’s new strategy to increase ancilliary revenue:

“We’ve got to sell stuff on our flights. Our shareholders demand it, but they haven’t tasted our coffee or croissants. As you know, our coffee can strip paint and our croissants taste like they were squeezed out by a dog.”

“Luckily, our scientists have determined that smells can be used to induce people to spend. We know this works… Really, if you could smell ME you would give me money.”

“Therefore we have obtained the smells of some top quality coffee and food. With these smells we can whip our passengers into a spending frenzy and they won’t even realize they are reaching for their wallets. They will feel compelled to buy and they won’t even know why! Don’t you just love science?”

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